How does Qulsar modules communicate with external PHY?

The M88 Module communicates to the PHY over an MDIO interface and the MDIO needs to be connected to the M88 module in order for the M88 to control/monitor the PHY. The M88 FW knows about the Marvell Alaska Series of PHY, e.g. the 88E1512 used on the M88EVB and will properly set up and monitor this automatically. If another PHY is used, use the "ifconfig mdio" commands to read from and write to the appropriate registers of the chosen PHY. Please note that the "ifconfig link", "ifconfig reset" and "ifconfig synce" commands may not work on other PHY than the Marvell Alaska. 
If MDIO is not connected, the interface is expected to be 1000M/Full.

The same thing is valid for M68, although eth0 on these devices has an onboard PHY.

Firmware v1.0.10 or later of the M88 and v2.9.10 or later for M68 is required for the "ifconfig mdio" command to be available.

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