Does the Qulsar MTE have an SNTP server available?

Yes, there is an SNTP server (IETF RFC 4330) built in. You start it by "ptp2 nettime start". Type "ptp2 nettime" for a list of commands. See following CLI command example:

A:/root> ptp2 nettime start
A:/root> SNTP server is started

A:/root> ptp2 nettime status
A:/root> *** SNTP server information ***
 Status: RUNNING on all ports
 Server mode: 1 (unicast)
 Poll/Broadcast interval: 4 (16 s)

When nettime is started for the M68 or M88, SNTP is provided on both ports. However, in order for both ports of the M68 or M88 to output SNTP packets, each port (eth0 and eth1) will need to be configured to different subnets.  If both ports are configured to the same subnet, then the response to the NTP request will be sent on the first interface in the routing table (which is enet0).

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