What is the Qg 2 ToD out interface and format?

NMEA, CM (China Mobile) or ASCII format. The interface (on the module) is LVTTL, UART, 4800 or 9600 baud, 8-N-1, no flow control on the dedicated ToD output pin. We can also choose to output ToD on one of the two serial ports, in which case the baud rate can be chosen between a set of standard rates up to and including 115200 baud, and only the 8-N-1 setting is supported.

NMEA is output in UTC timescale. NMEA is configurable to output RMC or/and ZDA messages. Both of them always carry time information in UTC timescale. ZDA is configurable to additionally carry the local timezone information. Read more in this related article.

ASCII output is a string of format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS TZ. ToD is configurable to output either the UTC time or the local time.

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